Ministry and Counsel Committee

Ministry and Counsel, as a committee of Friends at Westport Monthly Meeting, our purpose is as follows:

“The functions of a Meeting or a Committee on Ministry and Counsel are to oversee and nurture the religious life of the meeting, to foster the spiritual growth of the entire membership, and to enhance the community life of the membership. Members of Ministry and Counsel are expected to be regular in their attendance at meeting for worship in order to carry out their responsibilities faithfully.”  – From NEYM Faith and Practice, 1985, p.241

At Westport Friends Meeting, Meeting members, and attendees at meeting for worship, may contact any of the following Friends (by using the Meeting Directory available in the meetinghouse) with questions regarding worship, the spiritual life of the Meeting, or with questions concerning their own spiritual journeys:

Melinda Foley-Marsello, clerk of Ministry and Counsel
Marion Athearn
Buddy Baker-Smith
Amy Lee Vieria
Gail Nixdorf
Eric Palmieri
Kevin Lee

At Westport Friends Meeting, Ministry and Counsel is responsible for discerning our Meeting’s annual State of Society and to present a report to monthly meeting for consideration and approval. Our most recent, and previous Annual States of society can be reviewed here.

A complete list of the duties of Ministry and Counsel, as defined in New England Yearly Meeting’s book of Faith and Practice, may be reviewed on page 242-245. The duties of Ministry and Counsel as outlined within Faith and Practice, may be viewed online also by clicking here.  (


)nline NEYM Faith and Practice Editions




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