Westport Friends Meeting State of Society Reports

“At the end of each calendar year Ministry and Counsel should appoint one or more of its members to prepare and present to its sessions a report on the state of the monthly meeting. The report when approved should be forwarded to the monthly meeting for approval, and by that body to the quarterly meeting and the Yearly Meeting.

The report should be a searching self-examination by the meeting and its members of their spiritual strengths and weaknesses and the efforts made to foster growth in the spiritual life. Reports may cover the full range of interest and concerns but should emphasize those indicative of the spiritual health of the meeting. Meetings may wish to consider one or more of the following:

  • Quality of worship and spiritual ministry
  • efforts to foster spiritual growth
  • stand taken on Friends’ principles
  • personal and family relations
  • relations with community and other religious groups
  • participation in general activities of Friends
  • significant activities, outreach, or concerns of the local meeting
  • youth of the meeting
  • meeting community”

From NEYM Faith and Practice, 1986, p. 234

Please click on links below to read our Meeting’s annual State of Society Reports.


2012 (No report created)

2011 (No report created)


2009  (A “Jubilee Year” throughout the Yearly Meeting, no report for 2009)










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