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2017 – 2018 First Day School Program 

Religious Education Committee met on November 12, 2017 in order to address the structure and content of the First Day School Program for the current school year.  Current challenges were discussed, including a small group of children within the program even on our “busiest” days, as well the ongoing struggle of balancing life’s events and commitments as they interfere with our time together as a group.  
Consensus was reached to identify specific Sundays, averaging two per month, in which a First Day School lesson will be taught for the older children, and a preschool lesson will also be taught for our younger members.  The hope is that this structure will provide a flexibility which will better meet the needs and schedules of our families.  
On the weeks that a First Day School lesson is not offered, childcare will be offered via a volunteer sign-up sheet.  It is our hope that Friends within the meeting will sign up to offer childcare so that our parents might be able to remain in worship more often.  This is with the understanding that it is possible that very few, if any, children may be in attendance.  This as an opportunity for meeting members to spend some time with our youngest members without feeling the responsibility to deliver a formal lesson.  
 In the event that visitors with children arrive on a day that a First Day School lesson is not offered, one of our committee members will lead a lesson for these visitors.  This lesson, marked “Visiting Friends”, will be pre-planned and made easily accessible in our FDS space.  

2017-2018 Schedule for First Day School Lessons and Child Care:

Note: A master sign-up sheet is posted in Religious Ed bulletin board in the Community House. First Day School and Childcare will be offered on the following dates:

November 26:  Childcare: __________________

December 3:  Childcare:  ___________________ (JHYM retreat)

December 10:  Advent Potluck!

            Older Children:  Kevin Lee

            Younger Children:  Amy

December 17:  Childcare:  __________________

January 7: 

            Older Children: Pam Drouin

            Younger Children:  ____________

January 14:  Childcare:  _____________ (JHYM retreat)

January 21: 

            Older Children:  Susannah

            Younger Children:  Amy

January 28:  Childcare:  __________________ (JYM retreat)

February 4:

            Older Children:  Lily

            Younger Children:  ________________

February 11:

            Older Children:  _________________

            Younger Children:  Amy

February 18:  Childcare:  _________________ (school vacation week)

February 25:  Childcare:  _________________ (school vacation week)

March 4:  Childcare: ___________________(JHYM retreat weekend)

March 11:

Older Children:  Gail and Alice (Service)

            Younger Children:  Amy

March 18: 

            Older Children:  Gail and Alice

            Younger Children:  __________­­­__

March 25:  Childcare:  ______________

First Day School and Religious Education resources for parents:

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