Seekers Group Summary 12.4.17

Hope is the bird that feels the light
and sings while the dawn is still dark.
– Rabindranorth Tagore

We are deeply troubled by many of the messages, decisions, and actions of our government and fellow citizens.  Some days, the intolerance, suspicion, and greed almost overwhelm us, and it is a challenge not to sink into despair.  Holding onto hope can be a spiritual discipline.  It seems vitally important to spend time with people who inspire us, whether by the specific work that they do or by the heart and integrity with which they live and breathe.  We are compelled to do something, whether through words, actions, prayers, or breath, that affirms our beliefs in justice, non-violence, peace, equality, and care for all of life.  Letting the Light we have experienced within us shine through is a faithful witness to what we as Friends have come to know of that of God in the stillness of worship together.  We appreciated the heart balm of this evening’s laughter, homemade cookies, and sweet oranges.  We are more grateful than ever for each other and for the hope that rises amongst us, helping us to continue to sing – and shine – despite the darkness.  

Our next gathering will be Monday, January 8, 2018 at 7pm in the Community House.  All are welcome to join us.

Much Love,


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