The Power of Storytelling: Building Empathy & Bridging Differences

Westport Friends Meeting will host a workshop: 

The Power of Storytelling: Building Empathy & Bridging Differences

Individually we hold many complex and diverse experiences and identities (i.e. race, class, age, gender, sexuality, etc.). These experiences and identities help to shape how we view the world as well as how we interact within it.

In this workshop, led by facilitator Olivia Worden, we will consider and assess the various social identities that we hold and how our own experiences of privilege and marginalization impact our ability to communicate, advocate, and listen across differences. Through interactive exercises, participants will learn how to utilize their own stories as a tool for navigating conflict and building empathy.

Whether you are new to social justice work or a longtime advocate and ally, this workshop will provide you an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your community, and the ways in which you can create change.

Please bring a bag lunch; beverages will be provided.  The workshop is free, but registration is required by contacting Gretchen Baker-Smith below.

All are welcome.

When: Sunday, September 10, 2017.  11:30-1:30

Where: Macomber Friends Community House
                938 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790

Contact/Registration:  Gretchen Baker Smith Cell: 508-287-6441


Westport Friends Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Working Group

The Westport Friends Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Working Group met recently on Feb 27. Gretchen Baker-Smith, convener, sent the following info and resources out to working group members:
As promised, here are things that Friends brought to the meeting today, followed by other links that we talked about!  LOTS to check out here.
  • Info on the Massachusetts Bail Fund, attached.  (Note:  I contacted Martha Yager this afternoon, and she put me in touch with Ben Evans, the staff person working on this in Southeastern Mass.  I will forward you updates.)
Here is the website for From the Otherside, the organization that matches people, one to one, who voted for ‘the other’ candidate in order to get to know “them” and understand “their” perspective and experience:
Here is the list to New England Yearly Meeting’s Living Faith gathering on April 9 at Moses Brown.  Please let me know if you want to go — I can take up to 6 people in my car!  Also, we should think about checking in on what workshops we sign up for so that we get to as many different ones as possible.  PLEASE DO NOTE that the “pay as led” philosophy is very much for real — pay what you can….  NEYM is committed to Friends attending this regardless of whether or not they break even.  Do NOT let money stop you from going!  (Really)
Here is the transcript of the Ted Talk Gail spoke about regarding our failing refugee system and how to fix it:
Here is a list of other Ted talks that Gail recommended:
Plus an article on practical ways to help refugees:
In addition, I came across this article tonight — and it so spoke to our last topic around understanding Trump’s supporters that I wanted to include it.  It’s a quick read, but pretty enlightening!
​Oh, and a link to The New Jim Crow:
(I am going to buy a copy of it pronto, and if it seems worth it, I’ll scan a copy of the first chapter to you.)​
​Do keep sending things on to me — I’ll send them around to everyone on the list.
And yes, our next meeting is 8:30 AM on April 9, 2017.
Deeply grateful,
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